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Sweetest Good-Bye: Oh!

Following our K-Pop series, we have just released Oh!, an outfit inspired by Girls’ Generation, another Korean girl group, extremely popular in Asia.  Girls’ Generation (also known as Sonyushidae, SoShi or SNSD) is a group of nine girls, extremely talented but also well known for their beauty.  Their outfits often show off their lean and long legs.  Check out the music video below.

Oh! consists of a cropped sports jacket and belted micro shorts, available in four  lovely colors: red (worn above), orange, pink, and blue.  They are sold at L$400 each.  The fatpack of all four colors is available at a discount, sold at L$1000.  The boots are sold separately for L$600 each, available in six different colors: black, brown, grey, pink, red, and white (worn above).  The t-shirt worn above is an old release called Star Top.  These are available in eight candy colors: red, grass, magenta, blue, green, purple, pink, and yellow (worn above).  They are only L$70 each.

Note we are now offering Oh! in blue color at a special price of L$300, that is L$100 discount from its original price of L$400, till 12am Sunday.  Also, don’t forget the Halloween Special Dollarbie is only available for few more days.  Come down and check out the new release and limited time offer.

Hair: 69 – Chance Blackishbrown
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Siram Honey Garam No Hair/Lipgloss/Black Eyebrows
Eyes: Nana – Natural Brown Eyes
Lashes: Sweetest Goodbye – Eyelash
Jacket: Sweetest Goodbye – Oh! Jacket Red (part of outfit)
Top: Sweetest Goodbye – Star Top Yellow
Pants: Sweetest Goodbye – Oh! Pants Red (part of outfit)
Belt: Sweetest Goodbye – Oh! Belt Red (part of outfit)
Shoes: Sweetest Goodbye – Oh! Boots White
Pose: Diesel Works – Cyn 1 and 3


Sweetest Good-bye: Yozo

Sweetest Goodbye - Yozo

Sweetest Goodbye - Yozo


This week’s new release is slightly different.  Yozo is an elegant yet sexy dress more appropriate for evening.  The dress comes with a beautiful wide brim hat, belted prim skirt, gloves, and a plunging neckline swimsuit.  Take off the skirt revealing a sexy swimwear.  Yozo is available in four different colors: black, white, red, and blue (shown above), at L$700 each.  Morphine created also matching boots, Yozo Boots, sold separately for L$600.  It is also available in four different colors. 

Note we are currently having a 30% sale on all items.  Yozo is not included in the sale, but all other items are.  Come down and check it out.

Hair: JE*Republic – Konaysa Smoky
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Sweet Skin Biscuit Cherry
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Ocean Driftwood Medium
Lashes: LeLutka – Photoshoot II Lashes
Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye – Yozo Blue (includes gloves, dress, belt, and hat)
Ring: Paper Couture – Times Square Ring Diamond
Boots: Sweetest Goodbye – Yozo Boots Blue 
Poses: Torrid Wear – Vain 1, 3, and 7; LAP – Just Walk Away


Sweetest Goodbye: YozoSweetest Goodbye: Yozo


Sweetest Good-bye: Get On!

Sweetest Good-bye: Get On!

Sweetest Good-bye: Get On!

Sorry we have been away.  Morphine and Sora took some time off to recharge and they are back with some new releases.  They have also been working on a new mainstore, but we will provide more details closer to opening date. 

On to the new releases, Get On! One Piece is a zippered mini-dress with a latex/leather feel, extremely sexy, perfect for those who are more daring.  The belt and tied arm band are included in this set.  The dress is available in four colors: navy, purple (worn above), khaki, and black.  Each costs L$300.  Fatpack of all four colors is also available  for L$900.  The hat and boots are also part of this line, each sold separately.  Get On! Hat is also available in the four colors matching the dress, L$200 each or L$600 for fatpack of all four colors.  Get On! Boots are sleek and slim.  They are available in two colors: black and brown (worn above).  They match the belts included in the dresses. The boots are L$600 each.  Demos are available at the store.

Come on down and check out our new releases today!  Click here to TP immediately.

Hair: Tukinowaguma – Natumi Gold
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Sweet Skin Biscuit Egoist
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: Cybernetics – Prim Lashes L1 B1
Manicure: J’s – Natural Nails Silk
Hat: Sweetest Goodbye – Get On! Hat Purple
Dress: Sweetest Goodbye – Get On! One Piece Purple
Shoes: Sweetest Goodbye – Get On! Boots Brown
Poses: LAP – Yawn and Stretch, FBlogger3, Glimpse, and Seduction


Sweetest Goodbye - Get On!Sweetest Good-bye - Get On!


Sweetest Good-bye: Catty (CSR Gift)


CSR Winter 2008 has started.  All Sweetest Good-bye items over L$100 will contain one CSR stamp card each.  Come down, do some Christmas shopping, get your CSR stamp card, collect stamps from participating stores, and claim your gift!  I have seen some awesome presents by wonderful designers out there.  Here I am wearing Catty, our CSR gift to you.  This is exclusive for this event!

Pls use this landmark to store, MAINSTORE.  For some reason, SL still shows an old LM when you search under places. 

Hair: Gritty Kitty – Tumnus Liquorice
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Sweet Skin Honey Egoist
Eye: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Top: Camie Cooper – Long Tank Top White
Armwarmers: Sweetest Goodbye – Finn
Jeans: Sweetest Goodbye – Ripped Heart Grey Normal
Shoes: Sweetest Goodbye – Catty (CSR Gift)
Emoter: MystiTool 1.3.0
Pose: LAP – Tuff Guy



Sweetest Good-bye: Wonder Bird, New Vivid Colors


After a number of requests, four vivid colors have been added to Wonder Bird collection: orange, pink, green, and blue.  Each color is available for L$500 a pair, fatpack of all 4 new colors available for L$1500. 


Above are the original colors released a few weeks back: brown, black, grey, and white.  Come by and pick out your favorite color now!


Sweetest Good-bye: Wonder Bird

This is our latest release Wonder Bird.  Wonder Bird is a cute pair of sneaker boots, inspired by a real life pair of boots Morphine actually purchased during her last trip to Japan.  She loved them so much she wanted them in SL. They are available in 4 different colors: black (shown above), grey, white, and brown.  Each pair costs L$500. Fatpack of all 4 colors is L$1500.  Demos are available so come to the store and try them out!

Above is a picture of Morphine’s boots in RL, and below Morphine’s recreation in SL.  I want those boots in RL too!!!