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Sweetest Good-bye: Jack-O-Bra

Check out our Halloween special, Jack-O-Bra!  This is a fun dollarbie available only till the end of this month.  I find the pink and blue gingham pumpkins adorable.  It’s something for the season yet not in your usual boring colors, black and orange.  Come pick up your copy at the store now!


Sweetest Good-Bye: Kara

In celebration of Kara’s debut in Japan, Morphine and Sora created this outfit inspired by Kara’s wardrobe.  Kara is a Korean girl group consisting of five members.  The group’s name Kara derives from Greek word “chara” which means sweet melody.  They are extremely popular in Korea, known for their cute appearance, sweet voice and dynamic dance moves.  For those not familiar with Kara, check out the music video below.


Kara’s outfit consists of a cropped t-shirt tied at the back, baggy pants with hanging suspenders, leather gloves, chain necklace, bracelets and armband.  The accessories are sold as one package for L$150.  It includes bracelet, armband, necklace, a pair of black gloves, and a pair of silver gloves.  The knotted t-shirts are sold separately for L$190 each.  There are two fatpacks available, plain and patterned.  Each pack contains four different t-shirts, and sells for L$500.  The plain pack contains four plain t-shirts: brown, dark grey, indigo and khaki.  The patterned pack contain four t-shirts with different patterns: skulls (worn above), pic printed, paint printed, and stripe.  The pants are available in four vibrant colors: black, blue, orange, and red.  They are sold separately for L$220 each or fatpack of all four for L$600. 

Come down and check it out.

Hair: Junwave – LovelyGirl CutOff Black
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Sira Honey 02 Narin Black Hair Lipstick
Eyes: Tuli – Brown Eyes
Eyelash: Sweetest Goodbye – Eyelash
Top: Sweetest Goodbye – Kara Tee Skull
Pants: Sweetest Goodbye – Kara Pants Blue
Gloves: Sweetest Goodbye – Kara Gloves Silver (part of Kara Accessories Set)
Armband & Bracelet: Sweetest Goodbye – Kara Upper Arm Bangle and Fore Arm Bangle (part of Kara Accessories Set)
Necklace: Sweetest Goodbye – Kara Necklace (part of Kara Accessories Set)
Shoes: Redgrave – Athletic Heels Cyan/Pink
Poses: LAP – SS Come On In, Female Blogger 6, Fierce Carrie


Sweetest Good-Bye: Apollo 18

This week’s new release at Sweetest Goodbye is Apollo 18, a cropped down jacket, perfect to stay edgy even in this cold weather.  It’s available in 4 different colors: black, navy, blue, and pink.  They are sold at L$340 each.  Fatpack of all colors is available at L$800. 

Hair: Tiny Bird – Lola Cafe Au Lait
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Beta Version COMING SOON!
Eyes: MJ+Dada – Cabbage Eyes Smoky Quartz
Lashes: LeLutka – Photoshoot II Lashes
Jacket: Sweetest Goodbye – Apollo 18 Pink
Tank: Camie Cooper – Long Tank Top Black
Leggings: Sweetest Goodbye – Jam Black Normal
Shoes: Sweetest Goodbye – Wonder Bird Pink
Pose: Diesel Works – Celeste 4 and 9


Sweetest Good-Bye: Bad Girl

This week’s new release at Sweetest Goodbye is a fur vest, made 100% of sculpted prims, perfect for the cold days of winter.  Wear it on top of your favorite sweater or jacket for that extra layer of warmth.  Its slim silhouette makes any outfit stylish.  Bad Girl is available in four different colors: white, grey, brown, and black.  They are sold at L$320 each or at L$700 for fatpack of all four colors.  Come down and check it out!

Hair: Fascino – Cocco Gray
Skin: Tuli – Bella Pale Brown Eyebrows Raven
Eyes: MJ+Dada – Cabbage Eyes Tiger’s Eye
Lashes: Glow Studio – Innocent Eyelashes Soft
Earrings: Donna Flora – Miss G White Set Earrings (part of set)
Ring: Donna Flora – BICE Ring
Jacket: Sweetest Goodbye – Bad Girl White
Pants: Sweetest Goodbye – Bombom Black
Shoes: Sweetest Goodbye – Yozo Boots Black
Pose: Reel Expression – Luth High Fashion 6 and 12


Sweetest Good-bye: Jeans

Sweetest Goodbye: Jeans

Morphine Janick just released three different pair of unisex jeans which are absolutely wonderful.  Above I am wearing Jeans Type 3.  Each pair of jeans come with two different ways of wearing the jeans, rolled up or skinny.  I am wearing rolled up which are very 80’s and in style right now.  Other types are cute too, shown below. 

Sweetest Goodbye: Jeans

Type 1 is available in 6 different colors: black, charcoal, khaki, green, pink, and white.  These are slit on the knees.  Type 2 is available in 2 colors: dark and stone.  The stone version is acid wash, which are very 80’s, as well.  Type 3 which are the ones I am wearing are also available in 2 different colors: ice and light.  I am wearing light.  Each pair of jeans costs L$220.

Hair: CJ Hair – Kelly Brown (Freebie)
Skin: Tuli – Bella Skin Pale Brown Kira
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: LeLutka – Photoshoot II Lashes
Earrings: +plus – Plastic Earrings Green
Bracelet: AC Girl – Colorful Bracelet (Freebie)
Ring: Noir Lolita – Cocktail Ring Violet
Top: Sweetest Goodbye – Herangsa Purple
Jeans: Sweetest Goodbye – Jeans Type 3 Light Rolled Up
Shoes: Aphrodite Creations – Vintish Shoes Red Stick Special

Sweetest Goodbye: Jeans


Sweetest Good-bye: 2nd Moon

Sweetest Goodbye: 2nd Moon

Our latest release at Sweetest Goodbye, 2ND MOON, is one of my all time favorites.  The outfit consists of a rolled up jacket, a pair of gloves, and chiffon skirt.   The military inspired jacket and the delicate chiffon skirt is a perfect mix & match for the ultimate stylish fall look.  Items can be worn separately if you prefer.  Available in four different colors (khaki, grey, brown, and black), each outfit costs L$380.  Fat pack of all four colors is available for L$1100. I am wearing black.

Sweetest Goodbye: 2nd Moon

Hair: JE*Republic – Olivia Smoky
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Sweet Skin Honey Reflet
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: Glow Studio Designs – Avantgarde Eyelashes Linka
Earrings: Primalot – Oh! Retro Jewelry Set Earrings (part of set)
Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye – 2nd Moon Black
Shoes: Courtisane – Hors d’haleine Booties Black
Poses: Diesel Works – Diva 2 and Glam 4

Sweetest Goobye: 2nd Moon


Sweetest Good-bye: Gogo Star!

Sweetest Good-bye: Gogo Star

It has been a long time since we released anything new at Sweetest Good-bye, but the wait I think has been worthwhile.  GOGO STAR!  Embracing latest RL fashion trends, Morphine Janick made this 80’s inspired big shouldered jacket, perfect for all you fashionistas.  Available in four fall colors (black, charcoal, brown and khaki), they are on sale for L$320 each. 

Sweetest Good-bye: Gogo Star

Hair: House of Heart – Torrid Coffee Bean
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Sweet Skin Vanilla Cherry
Eyes: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Lashes: Celestial Studios – Vogue Lashes
Manicure: Adam n Eve – Mei Li Manicure Geisha 4 (part of skin pack)
Pedicure: Adam n Eve – Mei Li Pedicure Geisha 4 (part of skin pack)
Earrings: Kraftika – No.131 Earrnings (part of set)
Jacket: Sweetest Goodbye  – Gogo Star Charcoal
Pants: Sweetest Goodbye – Monocrom Black
Shoes: Courtisane – Hors d’haleine Booties Black
Pose: Ana Lu – Fresh Poses 469

Sweetest Good-bye: Gogo Star