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Sweetest Good-bye: Catty (CSR Gift)


CSR Winter 2008 has started.  All Sweetest Good-bye items over L$100 will contain one CSR stamp card each.  Come down, do some Christmas shopping, get your CSR stamp card, collect stamps from participating stores, and claim your gift!  I have seen some awesome presents by wonderful designers out there.  Here I am wearing Catty, our CSR gift to you.  This is exclusive for this event!

Pls use this landmark to store, MAINSTORE.  For some reason, SL still shows an old LM when you search under places. 

Hair: Gritty Kitty – Tumnus Liquorice
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye – Sweet Skin Honey Egoist
Eye: Tuli – Amber Eyes
Top: Camie Cooper – Long Tank Top White
Armwarmers: Sweetest Goodbye – Finn
Jeans: Sweetest Goodbye – Ripped Heart Grey Normal
Shoes: Sweetest Goodbye – Catty (CSR Gift)
Emoter: MystiTool 1.3.0
Pose: LAP – Tuff Guy