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Sweetest Good-bye: RPG and Finn


It’s just that time of the year where one is in desperate need for some cute clothes to keep you warm.  We have some new releases at Sweetest Goodbye which are adorable and cozy.

First, we have RPG, a short mini plaid coat perfect for those days in between fall and winter.  The coat has a fake fur lining which should keep you comfy and warm.  It’s available in 8 different colors: black (worn above), blue, brown, green, grey, navy, pink, and red.  They are only L$290 each or you could choose to buy the fatpack of all 8 colors for L$1700.

Next, Morphine made some cute armwarmers, Finn, also available in 8 different colors: black, blue, brown, grey, khaki (worn above), mint, purple, and red.  They are L$150 each, fatpack of all 8 colors available for L$900.

Be sure to come down to the main store and check them out.  They are a great addition to your fall/winter wardrobe!






Sweetest Good-bye: Tik Tak


We have a new release at Sweetest Good-bye.  Tik Tak is a sculpted pocket mini-skirt available in 8 different colors: black, cream, grey, khaki, navy (shown above), pink, blue, and yellow.  They are L$240 each or L$1400 for fatpack of all 8 colors.  Each mini-skirt comes with detachable prim pockets and matching underwear which you can choose to wear or not.  Come by the store and check it out!



Sweetest Good-bye: White Shadow at Main Store


Fashion Inspired by Crimson Shadow is over but you can still find White Shadow at our main store in Port Jewell.  If you missed out, come down to Port Jewell to pick up this gorgeous dress.  The dress was especially created for this event.  I am not sure how long Morphine plans to keep it at the store for sale, so hurry!

By the way, Morphine replaced the simple black bra with a strapless black lace bra shown above.  It matches the black lace underwear better. 




Sweetest Good-bye: Wonder Bird, New Vivid Colors


After a number of requests, four vivid colors have been added to Wonder Bird collection: orange, pink, green, and blue.  Each color is available for L$500 a pair, fatpack of all 4 new colors available for L$1500. 


Above are the original colors released a few weeks back: brown, black, grey, and white.  Come by and pick out your favorite color now!


Sweetest Good-bye: Rezzday Sale!

It’s Morphine’s Rezzday on Nov 4th.  To celebrate we are having a 30% off sale.  The sale will only be for 24 hours on Nov 4th.  Mark you calendars!!!

Note new releases and non Sweetest Good-bye items sold at the store are not included.


Sweetest Good-bye: Wonder Bird

This is our latest release Wonder Bird.  Wonder Bird is a cute pair of sneaker boots, inspired by a real life pair of boots Morphine actually purchased during her last trip to Japan.  She loved them so much she wanted them in SL. They are available in 4 different colors: black (shown above), grey, white, and brown.  Each pair costs L$500. Fatpack of all 4 colors is L$1500.  Demos are available so come to the store and try them out!

Above is a picture of Morphine’s boots in RL, and below Morphine’s recreation in SL.  I want those boots in RL too!!!